Entrepreneurship update

Entrepreneurship update

Over the past two years with your help, we've been able to provide a steady monthly salary for our program members, of which each woman has lived on 40% of that value, and saved 60% of that amount in a savings account in which their starting capital has been accumulating. You have also helped us fund literacy training for some of the T+G program members who cannot read or write, as well as business training and book-keeping skills. 

On ground, the women have been learning what it is to be a part of a small business, working in a team, reaching production targets and taking leadership roles within the workshop. Each of the T+G program members have been working on a business plan with our staff, dreaming and scheming alongside their training and studies to create the budgets and strategy for what we hope will be their new livelihood.

2 of the women: Sandra and Eva have now reached their financial requirements and saved their starting capital, meaning they are ready to graduate! Over the next two months we will be helping them leave our program, and begin the exciting journey of starting their own business.

These businesses could change the story of extreme poverty in Kamuli by creating much needed jobs in the community, which in turn can provide school fees, healthcare and home improvement! With women powering change and leading businesses, we have no doubt that the tide will turn on gender inequality as well, as young girls have role models of leadership and as women have more control over household income to decide that both their sons AND their daughters should have an education.

With girls in school and young women in work, we also will see a reduction in vulnerabilities to human trafficking risk. Kamuli is in fact the most vulnerable centre to human trafficking in the entire country, this community is in desperate need of protection for their women and girls. We think the best individuals to provide this protection is through the women themselves. 

As you can see, empowering a female entrepreneur to open a successful business goes FAR beyond just providing a stable income for one woman. A successful female entrepreneurs represents a living narrative shifter for her community away from extreme poverty, gender inequality and human trafficking. 

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