Graduations This Week!

Graduations This Week!

Eva and Harriet Graduate THIS WEEK!

We are so excited to celebrate with our FIRST EVER graduates over the next month. Eva will have a ceremonial dress (gomesi) shop and Harriet will have a wholesale charcoal company.

July was a month of prep work, buying inventory, paying rent, and finalizing strategies. Last week Eva painted her shop and Harriet constructed her storage shelter. This week they will open the doors to their customers and officially have launched their dream businesses on August 1, 2019.

THIS IS WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR- female entrepreneurs activating their business dreams, debt free.

Over the past two years they've set aside 60% of their salaries and have officially saved up enough money for their start up capital needs. They've also participated in a rigorous entrepreneurship training curriculum, learning skills in marketing, management, budgeting, and more. (On top of it all, Harriet has learned to read and write for the first time through participating in our adult literacy course). We cant wait to see all they will do for their families and communities as powerhouse business women.

Stay tuned for updates next month from their BIG graduation celebration complete with graduation gowns, speeches, and certificates!