Linked Together We Are Unstoppable

Linked Together We Are Unstoppable

Introducing our New 2019 International Women’s Day Suite!

We are completely convinced that this is our best work yet and just wanted to jump on here to share a little bit about the story of this collection and our designs!

Our newest collection is inspired by the concept ‘Linked Together we are Unstoppable’ and has been designed to mark and celebrate International Women’s Day 2019. As a women’s elevation movement based on the single premise that female entrepreneurs have the power to change the story of extreme poverty, gender inequality and human trafficking, it felt absolutely necessary for us to be able to mark IWD in some way!

For our Tribe + Glory team, February ALSO represents a particularly significant time of year for us as it marks the anniversary of opening operations in Kamuli 2 years ago! In the last 2 years of our work we have had the honour and privilege of building a community of women who are full of inspiring business aspirations and an even more impressive work ethic and together we have seen lives changed. Children have gone to school, we’ve had women learn to read and write their name for the first time, families have been able to make additions or renovations to their homes and healthcare bills have been afforded! We are so proud of these victories and what they represent for the wider community of Kamuli.

As we continue as a forward moving group of women all over the world, we are realising that the most powerful part of this movement is in our friendships, our community together and in the ability to pull each other up towards those dreams we are fighting for. The power of a community who believes, encourages and stands with each other against the tides and turns of normal life has been overwhelmingly obvious in Kamuli. We are a community who not only work hard together in the workshop on our production targets every day, but who also visit each other when we’re sick, who care for each other’s children when we are unable to, a community who prays faithfully for our loved ones when they’re unwell and who help each other to learn new concepts in marketing or finance management together.

In the next year we will start to see members of our T+G community graduate as business owners who support each other and work together for the collective success of the group. We are so excited to see what this looks like. Women can lead the way in pioneering collaborative spaces in the marketplace and we know this team will change their wider community.

For us, each recycled Ankole Cattle Horn link in the new collection pieces have been hand-made in a long process of boiling, treating, cutting and polishing by the T+G women. We love the way that each one is unique in colouring, patterning and shape, and together the full effect is one of stunning compound impact. We love how this mirrors the T+G team we are building. Each woman and each dream is unique, and together the compound impact of each of our dreams has the power to change the fabric of the community in Kamuli, changing the stories of gender inequality and extreme poverty for future generations.