Mariam's Story!

Mariam's Story!

This week we're celebrating one of our inspiring and ground breaking program members: Meet Mariam! 

We are so excited for Mariam and the impact we're seeing her create for herself, her family, and her community. Mariam joined the T+G program in June and since then she’s been taking part in the optional literacy classes. She hasn’t missed a single one. Before she joined the program Mariam couldn’t sign or read her name, let alone any other words. The only English word she knew was “bye”. Just six months later she’s speaking in full English sentences AND she can read and write her and all of her 8 children and 3 grandchildren’s names! 

Oh and by the way... those aforementioned kids and grand kids? They’re all in school or vocational training through her salary! If you think that’s amazing, Mariam is about to blow your mind...

On top of saving 60% of her salary each month to start her restaurant business upon graduating from T+G, she’s been saving extra every single month. Two months ago she built a toilet block for her family with those savings and in just two months she will have enough to begin construction of their new house!!! Talk about a force to be reckoned with!

We think Mariam is going to change the world, starting with her community. And she’s not alone. We have the hugest honor and privilege of working with 22 women with big dreams like Mariam. They’re each learning to write business plans, making marketing strategies, planning to hire staff members of their own, and running towards individual big big business dreams. We believe that together they have the potential to change the global stories of extreme poverty, gender inequality, and human trafficking. Are you with us? We need your help. We need you to partner with us to make these dreams possible. Will you consider becoming a monthly donor, partnering with this vision and these women on a direct and personal level?

Last month we launched our new monthly donor campaign. On top of making a life changing impact, our network of monthly donors will also receive special updates and discounts on products, (PLUS a special gift). Please consider checking it out on the "donate" tab above!