T+G goes global!

T+G goes global!

Hey Tribe! We're so glad you're here. 

First, we just want to say how thankful we are for all our friends around the world who are supporting this mission of Tribe + Glory. We truly couldn't do it without you and all the ways you are helping us run down this dream. 

Second, we want to let you in on something we've been dreaming up since the beginning... 

We throw around statistics from time to time (and celebrate them all with confetti and dancing of course) but these are some T+G fast facts we want to make sure you know: 

  • There are currently 22 women in the T+G program. This means 22 unique business plans that we believe have the potential to drive change in the local economy and community. It also means 22 women working at the T+G HQ towards their business dream and getting one step closer each day. We have the joy of knowing each of these 22 inspiring, innovative dreamers and working along side them as they save their start up capital and receive training in entrepreneurship and literacy.


  • 60 children who were not previously in school are now in school
  • 148 lives have been lifted above the poverty line
  • On average 3 jobs will be created per T+G graduate's business

Wait what was that?? 22 women = 148 lives above the poverty line. YES!!!

(And that's BEFORE even graduating the program and hiring their own staff teams. That will equal an average 3x as much job creation and 3x as many lives lifted above the poverty line!)


With our graduating program we are so excited about the number of women we will be able to see come through the T+G program, the businesses they will open, the jobs they will be creating, the children who will be put through school, and all of the lives that will be lifted out of poverty! 

Here's the break down of what this could look like in Kamuli alone...

In Kamuli (our current and first T+G Headquarters) alone, at our current rate of operations, in 5 years we will have seen an estimated 820 lives above the poverty line through direct program members. This is before we even get to the multiplication with jobs created through graduate's businesses. 

So what does that look like when we think about expansion and scaling?

We've said it before and we'll say it again, we believe strongly in the power of replication of the T+G model. 

We believe that the model has legs to stand in countries and communities all around the world. We are so excited by the thought of seeing the Tribe + Glory program at work in neighboring communities in Uganda as well as in communities across borders and oceans. When we combine the numbers we've already seen at work in Kamuli with this vision for replication, we are completely electrified by the huge potential for impact at a rapid rate. So... we've set our goals high and held ourselves accountable to the T+G tagline "We're in the business of saying YES to BIG dreams". 

Want to know our big, big dream? 

Here it is...

We are working towards seeing 1,000 lives above the poverty line in our first 3 years of operations!!!

We know its a BIG one, we know we have a long way to go, and we know that it's going to take a lot of hard work and help to get us there. But there it is, our big BIG dream: 1,000 lives above the poverty line in 3 years. 

Are you with us? We can't do it with out you. We need your help and we're inviting you to join us and make this dream your big dream too.

We want to hear from you! Do you have a skill set you can volunteer? Do you know someone who can help us accelerate this vision? Do you want to partner with us financially on a one time, monthly, or annually basis (every single dollar and pound helps us get one step closer)? Do you know where we should replicate our model next?  Do you know of a store that should carry our product line? Email us at Info@tribeandglory.com! 

So what are we doing to chase down this dream? We're officially 10 months fully operational. This summer we've made exciting strides in strategy, sales, and team building. We've gone through an accelerator program which brought us mentorship, strategic growth plans, and new connections in an array of industries. We've had the privlelidge of speaking on several international stages, meeting with MPs at the UK house of parliment, making our radio debut in England, and sharing the T+G vision with new friends all around the world. It's been a busy summer and we're just getting started!! We can't wait to launch our second collection in October and show you all what we've been working on here at T+G HQ! We think you're going to love it!!!