T+G Now In Bloomingdale's

T+G Now In Bloomingdale's

We're proud to announce that you can now show Tribe + Glory at Bloomingdale's online and in four stores: NYC Flagship, NYC Soho, Century City LA, and San Francisco.

Celebrating with Disney over the launch of The Lion King, we've been working with the Bloomingdale's team all year to design exclusive pieces, interactive installations, and in store displays that showcase the artistry of African craftsmanship and put the Tribe + Glory women's voices and dreams at the forefront of the conversation. 

In each of the four Bloomingdale's stores our products are now sold in, you can also see a full wall display of pictures of T+G women alongside an interactive art installation which was created in part by the women themselves. Stop by the shop and join the women in chasing down big dreams by writing your dream down on a ribbon and tying it alongside theirs. You will find their own handwriting right there in the store!

You can shop a part of our collection as well as two exclusive pieces in each of the four stores AND online at bloomingdales.com. The Natural Hoop Earrings and Starry Nights Cuff and inspired by the captivating beauty of their land of origin and are only available for a limited time- make sure to get yours while you still can!

If all this wasn't enough to have us buzzing... Tribe + Glory products are also in five of the Bloomingdales storefront windows. We're thrilled to have the women's craftsmanship showcased in such an honoring way.

Make sure you don't miss the chance to receive your Tribe + Glory purchase in a Little Brown Bag!