THIS is what it's all about

THIS is what it's all about

Here at Tribe + Glory, we are building a business model based on the single premise that investing in female entrepreneurs has the power to change the story of extreme poverty, gender inequality and human trafficking for rural areas. 

We believe that the global high end fashion industry can be turned on it's head and harnessed to create unique debt free business opportunities for female entrepreneurs living under the poverty line in rural areas. As a social enterprise non profit, we are focused on developing a business with the efficiency and excellence principle of a for profit company but one that gives the individuals at the start of the value chain the larger profit share, rather than those at the top.

At the T+G HQ in Kamuli, we are currently working hard on honing our next collection which is in our minds, our most stunning and daring craftsmanship yet. We are ALSO working on the absolute main event of our model: 

Entrepreneurship Graduations.

Through employment in our workshop creating the T+G line, each of the program members are able to save 60% of their salary towards the seed capital for their business dream. At the same time, each program member has been receiving entrepreneurship training education covering the basics of general book-keeping, stock control, marketing and management, as well as specific one on one mentoring on developing their own business dream into a viable and comprehensive business plan.

Our model doesn't stop at employment or providing steady income to those living under the poverty line. No. Instead, our model is designed specifically as a stepping stone for the future leaders in the community, to put the power of leadership and innovation into the hands of those who are living here. Tribe + Glory is designed specifically to step out of the way and to allow for local innovation to be the starting point for community transformation. 

We've been celebrating big steps as a team including each of the program members taking their turn to pitch their business plan as developed so far to the rest of the group. It was extraordinary to witness their courage, determination and passion for each of the ventures that they are starting. At T+G we believe that business run well can change their community. It seems to us that these ones undoubtedly will. 

Susan shared her plans for a tailoring shop employing specifically single mothers in her community to empower women who have suffered from cultural stigma and struggle to find employment. Jennipher told us about how she believed cattle farming offered an unrivalled opportunity to engage illiterate individuals in manual employment which would provide a living wage away from the shame of a lack of education! Each and everyone of the Tribe + Glory program members are innovating and creating transformation for their own communities and we cannot wait to see where these dreams take them. 

This August we will be celebrating our first two graduations. Eva and Harriet and the HQ is alive with conversations about their leases, their licenses and the final tweaks to their budget. 

Thank you so much to all of you who are in this dream together with us. Who believe passionately in the single premise of the power of female entrepreneurs to change the story of extreme poverty, gender inequality and human trafficking in rural areas.

Here's to being in the business of saying YES to big dreams together.