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Training has begun!

07 March, 2017

By Loren Thomas, co-founder

We are so thrilled to welcome our thirteen newest Tribe + Glory program members from our newly launched Kamuli branch. Already, 2017 has held so much growth for us and we can not wait to see where the rest of the year will take us. So far, we have moved to a new village, interviewed over fifty women, selected the thirteen finalists, begun training this new group of program members, and most recently, launched construction of our new headquarters and workshop building! More than anything, I am so thrilled to introduce everyone to the women we have selected to be a part of this Kamuli launch. We have women ranging from ages 23-56, all of whom have innovative, creative, and intelligent business dreams.

We are so excited to get to work along side these dreamers, helping them achieve their entrepreneurship goals. The business ideas range from clothing boutique, to wholesale charcoal shop, to hair salon, and many more. One of the women, Susan, dreams of opening up a hotel with a restaurant, swimming pool, and gym. She told us she has been dreaming of owning a hotel since she was young and that she looks forward to being able to host people, giving them a nice place to rest and good meals to eat. She also says “we don’t have anything like a swimming pool and gym here. People will love it because swimming pools are just really fun!” (We cant argue with that logic and look forward to spending future Saturdays poolside!).

Once again, we are so inspired by the amazing women who have turned up to be interviewed for the program- they know the needs of their communities, they know their own passions, and they are excited for an opportunity to work to make those dreams a reality.

Here you can see Caragh, one of our co-founders, admiring Eve's work. 

In addition to hearing business dreams of driven and determined entrepreneurs, we also got some pretty amazing responses to the question “What will you do with the savings you'll earn once you have a successful business?”. To name a few, we heard… “I want my business to be successful so that I can hire other women who are struggling, and help them get back on their feet and realize their own dreams”, “I want to be able to take care of more orphans, once I have enough money to feed my own children, my family will continue to grow as we take in others”, and “I want to become a successful businesswoman so that I can mentor other aspiring women entrepreneurs. I want to help other people make their dreams come true too!”. We were completely blown away by the depth of the women we had the honor of interviewing and we cant wait to see the ways these women transform their community!

Two of our fantastic Tribe + Glory women!