Tribe and Glory

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Our Story | Background

The Tribe + Glory model originated as the women’s empowerment program of a holistic community development initiative in the rural village of Zirobwe, Uganda.

As the program grew, it soon became clear that this entrepreneurship model had the exciting potential to be replicated in many other communities.

Seeing the opportunity for wider impact, co-founders, Loren Thomas and Caragh Bennet decided further develop the program into an established nonprofit and Tribe + Glory was born.


Our Mission | Vision

Tribe + Glory empowers and activates female entrepreneurs to achieve self-sustainability through relationship, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurship training model empowers women to live above the poverty line and create for themselves a sustainable income. It is our desire to equip women with the necessary skills to achieve their dreams, and become agents of transformation in their communities.


Friendship, community, collaboration- we are all about it! We believe in what a powerful tool relationships can be for empowerment, within our group, mentorship, partnership, community, and more.


Our products are all handcrafted with care by the women of T+G. Our sales provide a salary for the women to use to provide for her family and invest in her business.


We love the power of female entrepreneurs. Training and educating the T+G women in entrepreneurship skills, we hope to create a group of dream chasers and world changers.


Our Model | Program

Product Development

Upon entering the T+G program, each woman participates in an artisan training workshop in which she learns excellence in craftsmanship of our goods. Our sales of these products provide her with a salary.

Salary, Saving, Investment

While in the T+G program, each woman receives a salary of which she must save a minimum of 50% each month. Some of our key emphasis points of education are money management, good stewardship, financial planning, and banking. Upon graduating from T+G, the money she has saved each month will be invested into her business.


Each T+G woman is partnered with a local mentor currently in the field, or one similar, to the one she wishes to enter. While she is in the program, she is encouraged to meet with this mentor as often as possible. In her last 6 months in the program, each woman gets one paid day per week to work for their mentor.


Our Model | Partnership

Partner Organizations

We think partnership is a beautiful thing! Tribe + Glory serves as a "partnership organization." This means we pair up with nonprofits and organizations who recognize a need for women's empowerment in their community. Our model of collaboration allows us to work alongside other amazing and inspiring organizations, working together to meet the end goal of empowering and transforming communities. We love living and working in community with our partner organizations and the opportunities this model brings.


We love working and collaborating with friends and organizations all around the world. Each of our collaborations look unique, which is a part of what makes them so much fun! We have worked with people through markets, pop up shops, creative workshops, mentorship, educational courses, fashion shows, galas, and more.